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The beginners guide to colour psychology
Red conveys physicality and strength, a good choice for heavy manual work or to show dynamism.

Pink emphasises your soft, nurturing side. Great for jobs in child care or nursing.

Orange evokes sensuality, warmth, food and shelter. Good if you are going for a job in the catering industry.

Yellow suggests optimism and creativity. Appropriate for a sales person or artist. Less helpful if you want to be a librarian.

Blue is for intellect, efficiency and integrity, ideal for lawyers and accountants. Darker shade are more authoritative.

Purple has distinctly spiritual connotations and says you're in touch with your higher self. Yoga teacher, yes. Entertainer, perhaps not.

Green lies in the middle of the spectrum and stands for balance and reinsurance. It says you are fair and calm under pressure. Suitable for would-be customer service reps.

Brown is serious but warm and approachable. Would suit a phychiatrist. wont Convey excitement

Grey, being neither black or white, implies a lack of conviction and self-confidence. unlikely to impress anyone.

Black expresses as little individualism as possible, good for jobs were personality is kept in check, such as security.

White, associated with cleanliness and purity, would work for doctors and scientists. But like black it bleaches out to true self, so you might prefer something less harsh.

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